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Giant hole appears in ground in Russia

This is an 80-meter (262 feet) in diameter hole in the ground that appeared in a remote area of Russia. At present, no one knows exactly how it formed. It’s so remote that however it formed, there were no people around to see it; it is only now being investigated by a team of visiting scientists.

Head over to this post (
Video) and we’ve got video taken from a helicopter flying over the hole up now.

There are some obvious options but none of them are a perfect fit. A meteor strike does create a hole in the ground, but this doesn’t have the typical shape of a meteor crater; it seems much deeper. Volcanic craters do exist but this doesn’t seem like a volcanic area. Interactions between magma and groundwater can create explosion craters that look a lot like this, but again not sure where the Magma would be coming from in this remote area of Siberia.

Some suggestions that could make sense involve a meteor actually hitting an area where there is an open pocket of space created from previous erosion and punching through, or the one I think might be the most likely; a gas explosion.

This area is full of natural gas resources and this site is only 30 kilometers from the region’s biggest natural gas field. An explosion of natural gas, potentially being released by melting permafrost, makes sense to me, but I’ll be interested to see if there’s a final answer.



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